3D printed accessories for hassle-free astrophotography

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Universal on-OTA mounting kit for ZWO ASIAIR Pro, Plus or Mini with a belt drive for ZWO EAF

This is a set of mounting components for astrophotography rigs using lenses and telescopes with a focus ring, and based on ZWO ASIAIR Pro or Plus and ZWO EAF. The set allows compact and flexible mounting and allows using a range of lenses and telescopes in the same installation.

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The kit is another approach for arranging astrophotography components. ZWO ASIAIR Pro, Plus or Mini, EAF and the guide scope are setting on hexagon rings embracing the OTA or a lens. This allows a compact and well arranged setup. You can use various OTA and lenses with the kit. For this, you just need to exchange inserts fitting another OTA or lens and use a belt in a different length.

This kit also adds a belt drive for the ZWO EAF. Compared to others mounting kits for ZWO EAF, this kit is based on a belt drive. The belt drive includes a tension mechanism supporting freewheeling of the drive. This allows quick focusing in a needed direction. A belt drive is based on standard pulleys and timing belts. With this you can easily find a replacement or variate dimensions or the transmission ratio.

The top plate contains mounting for a guide scope with a dovetail-shaped base. The provided clips allow mounting of a large rage dovetail-shaped bases.

Both, ZWO ASIAIR and ZWO EAF are mounted on sliding holder and so that they can be used in different positions supporting a large range of mounting variations. All rails of the kit have eyelets at ends for cable management. The kit can be ordered with additional Vixen-style dovetail plate, a Losmandy dovetail plate or with the universal bottom rail. The universal bottom rail can be used with other dovetail plates for attaching the rig to a mount and also contains holes for mounting on dovetail plates provided with RedCat 51 and RedCat 71 OTA.

The set includes:

  • multiple 3D-printed parts
  • inserts fitting the selected OTA or lens (you can order inserts for another length or OTA separately here)
  • all required screws and nuts
  • one pulley
  • one timing belt fitting the selected OTA or lens. In some cases, an open belt with a lock will be used
  • ~30cm hook-and-pile fastener (also known as “velcro” (R) fastener)

The mounting kit is available in these color variants:

  • Diffuse Nebula (a mix of black and red parts)
  • Red Star (all parts and inserts are in red)
  • Black Hole (all parts and inserts are in black)
  • James Webb (hexagon rings and inserts are in yellow-gold and other parts are in black)

The selection of inserts for supported and tested OTA and lenses is available in the customization fields below. The main difference is the inserts which have to fit your OTA or lens. Larger OTA or lenses, like Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM or William Optics RedCat 71 have to use larger hexagon rings. The size of the hexagon rings used in your order will be defined by the largest OTA or lenses in the order. You still can use a smaller OTA or a lens in larger rings using according to inserts. See this page for more details about customization for other OTA with helical focuses or other lenses.

See this page for more details and this page for assembly and use instructions.

Please note that a few pictures in the product gallery show additional equipment and components, incl. ASIAIR and EAF, which can be used with this product, but are not included in this product. One of the product pictures shows the parts which will be shipped with your order.

If you have questions, feedback or suggestions for custom changes, please contact us using this form.


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Additional costs (e.g. for customs or taxes) may occur when shipping to non-EU countries.

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