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Parts for the Universal on-OTA mounting kit

Additional or replacement parts for the Universal on-OTA mounting kit for ZWO ASIAIR with a belt drive for ZWO EAF. The final price is calculated upon the selection of all options.

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Please select the part the size, and the material. The final price is calculated upon your selection. If you need inserts, please go to this product: Inserts for the universal on-OTA mounting kit.

Please note:

  • The "Rrings" will come with insert covers and four thumb-head screws, basically as they were shipped with the kit. Rings can accommodate the following max sizes of the OTA or lens they would embrace.
    • Small: max 83mm
    • Large: max 105mm
    • XL: max 126mm
  • The "Guide Scope Clams" will come with four thumb-head screws and four nuts so that you can also use them as additional parts
  • Other parts are not coming with fasteners. You should order aa set of fasteners as a separate item "Fastener set". A list of used fastener sizes according DIN will be provided on the pages about the kit, for a case you want to them on your own or need spare ones. This might be the best and simplest choice for you and us ๐Ÿ™‚ 
  • The bottom pates as well as the top and side rails are available in the following three standard sizes:
    • Small: 150mm
    • Large/Long: 170mm
    • XL: 230mm

See this page for more details about customization for other OTA with helical focuses or other lenses.

See this page for more details, assembly, and use instructions.

If you have questions, feedback or suggestions for custom changes, please contact us using this form.


VAT exempted according to UStG ยง19
Delivery Time: ca. 3-4 workdays
Additional costs (e.g. for customs or taxes) may occur when shipping to non-EU countries.

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