3D printed accessories for hassle-free astrophotography

Made in Germany, shipped from Germany

About Photastro

Photastro is a new shop on Internet. It has been started in the Fall 2021 as a small business ran by one person in the spare time aside. The famous recent pandemic has changed my sabbatical plans in the year 2020, and I decided to make the best of it. As a hobby photographer, I started to explore the night sky and by time discovered a whole new world of astrophotography. I discovered it is possible to see invisible beauties in the deep sky and unleashed their new character in creative post-processing. Still, many months after, many things keep surprising me. Some even shocked me as someone who does not have any background in Astronomy and never attempted to get any deeper than watching the Milky Way on the sky, well in case it was a dark place 😉

I spent a lot of time for twiddling and tinkering solutions for problems problems which seem ridiculous in daylight photography. By time learned a lot, got proper tools and skills to solve these problems fast. Some day, I thought, I should share the results and help people to reduce hassle and save more time for joy in this special hobby. So I started this shop. The shop is not envisioned to make me rich. I sell products in the shop for prices which just cover my expenses for tools, materials and time for their development and a small margin as a motivation to keep going. Most products are linked in my blog and so tell the story, how they were created. I hope will find it useful and helpful. Feel free to contact if you have questions.

A short note at the end for visitors from Germany. This shop is located and hosted in Germany. Like my blog, most of its content is still in English so that it can reach a broader audience. Ich hoff’ es passt, sonst einfach schreiben!

Clear Skies!