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Using Open Belts with Locks

 It is not always possible to find a belt on the market in the exact length as needed. Some of Photastro products are supplied with open belts. For these cases I designed special locks. (the above picture shows five locks in one blister) The locks are designed to fit...

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Powered Counterweight – Four Different Designs

When I started with the idea to combine the battery with the counterweight, I thought, it will be a one-shot project. Well, it gradually became more a learning and a research project. Now, there are four different models made, whereas I do not count the first one...

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Mounting Kit and Belt Drive for RedCat 51 and 71

ZWO ASIAIR Mounting Kit and Belt Drive for EAF on William Optics RedCat 51 and Red Cat 71 When I started to design an adaptation from my “On-OTA” mounting kit for William Optics RedCat 51 and RedCat 71, I observed that a much simpler mounting would be possible if it...

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About Photastro

Made in Germany. Shipped from Germany About Photastro Photastro is a new shop on Internet. It has been started in the Fall 2021 as a small business ran by one person in the spare time aside. The famous recent pandemic has changed my sabbatical plans in the year 2020,...

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