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Telescopes, mounts, and cameras used as astrophotography equipment

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Entering the world of astrophotography cameras

I once was astrophotographing with two other guys who used monochrome cameras. The cameras had active cooling and were attached to motor-driven filter wheels. At this time I already heard of such cameras but still did not consider them as an upgrade, since the...

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Making a Powered Counterweight

Using equatorial mounts requires using counterweights to achieve a balanced distribution the weight regardless of the rotation of the mount and the sizes of the payload. Counterweights are usually cylindrical and are placed on a bar along the RA axis. Their weight...

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DSLR and Star Tracker Equipment

Cameras and Lenses  Currently, I use the following gear most of the time: Canon EOS 100D camera, astro-modified, and sold, replaced by: Canon EOS 800D camera, astro-modified, as a main camera ZWO ASI294MM Pro, ZWO 8x EFW, Baader LRGB and CMOS-optimised HSO filters,...

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EQMOD Cable Wiring for Sky-Watcher Mounts

A direct connection via an EQDIRECT cable from a computer to the mount Why The EQMOD project implements a ASCOM compatible driver for the Sky-Watcher and Orion (same hardware and software) mounts which can communicate directly with the mount. It also provides various...

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