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Belt drive for ZWO EAF for the use with the TS-Optics 2″ MONORAIL M90 (MonorailM90) focuser

The provided adapter set allows using of ZWO EAF with the TS-Optics 2″ MONORAIL M90 (MonorailM90) focuser (which is, for example, integrated in the popular GSO RC8 telescopes with a belt drive.

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Compared to other adapters and standard solutions from ZWO, this adapter is much more compact and provides a clutch mechanism allowing maunual control of the focuser when needed, for example for collimation.


  • 16 teeth pulley incl. mini-screws for mounting on the EAF
  • 230mm timing belt
  • 4x M3 18mm blots for mounting of the focuser
  • 4x M3 washer
  • M3 25mm axis bolt
  • M4 12mm trimming thumb screw
  • M4 nut for trimming
  • EAF base plate with integrated knurled nut
  • Focuser holder plate

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Available on backorder