3D printed accessories for hassle-free astrophotography

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Thread wrench for stuck extenders and adapters used in astrophotography

Wrench set for extenders and adapters

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Did you already try to loosen a stuck 3mm extender ring from a filter wheel? If yes, you already know that it is close to impossible. I did too, but only once. Just after that, I designed this wrench set.

It consists of a flat bracket wrench which is similar to the ones you can buy for photographic filters. This one is good for simple cases. Another one consists of two parts that can be tightened together by two screws. It is less handy but can help in more difficult cases. In worst cases, you should add a bit of adhesive PVC tape.


  • a flat bracket wrench
  • a pair of wrenches with tightening screws

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2 in stock (can be backordered)

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