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Mounting kit for ZWO ASIAIR and Other Devices on the GSO / Orion / TS Ritchey-Chretien 8″ (RC8) f/8 Telescopes

Many astrophotography setups today use plate solving and a go-to mount. There is barely any need for a finder-scope. Still, many telescopes include mounting holes and other elements for a finder-scope. Why not using this for something more useful? I’ve made a solution for the popular GSO Ritchey-Chretien 8″ (RC8) f/8 telescopes.

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The main plate in the provided kit includes holes for mounting of ZWO ASIAIR Pro, Plus or Mini on different positions. Other holes are covering the plate in 10mm raster. The can be used for mounting of other devices or just for cable management. The second main plate is made as compact as possible to just holder an ASIAIR. You are getting both and can decide which one to use at a given time.

The plates are mounted with special holders in the holes of the finder scope clamps located on the back side of the RC8 telescopes. You should remove them before assembling the kit. All required screws for assembling are provided. The holders has two eyelets for the provides Velcro(R)-style strips which can be used for cable management.

The set also includes one clamping ring (as also offered here) helping to fasten cables and guide them as needed. You can get more such rings for this kit at 33% discount. Please contact us before ordering or reply to one of emails from the shop after an order and ask for a coupon if you are interested.

Content of the set:

  • 8x 10mm M4 flat head screws for mounting of the plates
  • 2x 8mm M4 flat head screws for mounting of a ZWO ASIAIR Pro, Plus or Mini device on one of the plates
  • 2x plate holders incl. integrated embedded nuts
  • 1x multi-hole plate (M4 holes in 10mm raster). The six holes in the back have eyelets for flat head screws for mounting of the ZWO ASIAIR Pro, Plus or Mini device. These and other holes can be used for mounting of other devices as well
  • 1x minimal plate for mounting only a ZWO ASIAIR Pro, Plus or Mini device 
  • 1x clamping ring for cable management
  • ~30mm double-sided Velcro(R)-style stripes as cable fasteners

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