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Holder for the “Laser Pointer 303” or “305” on Vixen GP or finder scope rails

The holder allows mounting of the popular laser pointer “Laser 303” or “Laser 305” on either Vixen GP or finder scope rails.

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The holder also includes a "locker" for the power button of the pointer, which can not only hold the button switched on, but also protect against accidental activation. The holder should also fit for other similar laser pointers, which have the diameter of 21mm to 22mm.

Pictures show the mount on a GSO RC8 telescope, placed on the Vixen GP rail.


  • Bracket with 3 pre-assembled embedded nuts.
  • 3x M4 nylon screws

The laser pointer itself is not included in the auction even if pictured. Be aware, that a use of laser pointers is regulated by various laws and rules which might be specific for your country. You are responsible to obey these rules.

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2 in stock (can be backordered)