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Extra large custom Bahtinov mask for 200-250mm apertures

Classic Inlay Bahtinov mask for extra large apertures. This mask can be used with many reflectors and refractors.

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What are the special characteristics of these mask?

  • The Bahtinov pattern will calculated according to your parameters: diameter, focal length. Most other masks on the market are actually designed for larger telescopes with very long focal length and so have a much too coarse pattern
  • I use a similar mask with my TS RC8 telescope.

Please select parameters according your needs:

  • Tube inside diameter (in mm) where the mask will be placed. Note that a certain tolerance is added to this size so that the mask will fit with certainty. The maximum diameter is 250mm, see other offerings for smaller masks.
  • The focal length
  • Optionally and if you are familiar with this, or just want to try something out, select an individual Bahtinov factor. By default, the factor of 150 is used
  • Custom text to put on the mask. By default, the diameter and the focal length will be used

Due to its large size, this mask is not available with a box. The mask will be made of two parts which are glued together. Some traces of the glue might be visible, but they have no optical influence

If you have questions, feedback or suggestions for custom changes, please contact us using this form.


VAT exempted according to UStG ยง19
Delivery Time: ca. 3-4 workdays
Additional costs (e.g. for customs or taxes) may occur when shipping to non-EU countries.

selecte one from the list
200-250mm. Use "." (dot) for decimals
custom text on the cover of the fox
If you think the default value of 150 is not optimal define your own