Vladimir Minenko CV

My professional background and vision:

  • Build up on my experience in agile project and product management with “getting things done” mindset and mission to turn visions into real products on the market.
  • Keep being in a cross-functional product development roles, ranging from research, concept, design, architecture and development to marketing, and working with sales and customers.
  • Lead a dedicated team or just colleagues who share my technology and product visions.
  • Enjoy a cross-cultural, multi-site way of working.
  • Expand my broad knowledge of platforms and ecosystems, as well as software development technologies and tools for desktops, smartphones, embedded and cloud.
  • Leverage partnering, open-source development, and its communities to explore new technologies and to build products.
  • Use my 14+ years of experience in Qt development, customer projects, its community and ecosystem.
  • Explore new approaches in embedded software, could platforms, IoT, native-cloud integration, UI/UX design and frameworks.
  • Follow my passion for discovering, adopting and deploying new technologies and platforms in a clean architecture.
  • And when I need a break be a windsurfer, mountainbiker, skier, snowboarder, (astro-)photographer, video- and audiophile, and, well, still a computer and software nerd

More details?

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