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Various tools for more fun and joy in astrophotography and less struggle and fight with problems

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Using Open Belts with Locks

 It is not always possible to find a belt on the market in the exact length as needed. Some of Photastro products are supplied with open belts. For these cases I designed special locks. (the above picture shows five locks in one blister) The locks are designed to fit...

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Powered Counterweight – Four Different Designs

When I started with the idea to combine the battery with the counterweight, I thought, it will be a one-shot project. Well, it gradually became more a learning and a research project. Now, there are four different models made, whereas I do not count the first one...

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Testing ZWO ASIAIR Pro / Plus WiFi, Extenders and Antennas

Testing Routers as WiFi Extenders with ZWO AISAIR Pro Some while ago there were a few cloudy nights in my place again, and I took some time to tinker again. Like some other users, I also suffered from a weak WiFi performance of ASIAIR Pro and over time collected a few...

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Mounting Kit and Belt Drive for RedCat 51 and 71

ZWO ASIAIR Mounting Kit and Belt Drive for EAF on William Optics RedCat 51 and Red Cat 71 When I started to design an adaptation from my “On-OTA” mounting kit for William Optics RedCat 51 and RedCat 71, I observed that a much simpler mounting would be possible if it...

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On-OTA Mounting Kit Assembly Steps and Use Instructions

This page provides instructions on how to assemble the kit. It also provides various hints for its use. Overview of the Parts Most parts of the kit are shipped being not assembled. Only the EAF block is pre-assembled. The outstanding point of the kit is that it can...

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Making a Powered Counterweight

Using equatorial mounts requires using counterweights to achieve a balanced distribution the weight regardless of the rotation of the mount and the sizes of the payload. Counterweights are usually cylindrical and are placed on a bar along the RA axis. Their weight...

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