3D printed accessories for hassle-free astrophotography

Made in Germany, shipped from Germany

Mounting set for ASIAIR Pro or Plus, EAF, a guiding scope, lenses and telescopes with a focus ring

This is a set of mounting components for astrophotography rigs using lenses and telescopes with a focus ring, and based on ZWO ASIAIR Pro or Plus and ZWO EAF. The set allows compact and flexible mounting of most the important elements of such rigs and also allows using a range of lenses and telescopes in the same installation.

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The set is based on the experience made in arranging components of a DSLR-based rig over a longer period of time. The set provides a solution for using the ZWO ASIAIR Pro or Plus and the EAF with a belt drive for motorized focusing of a range of DSLR and mirrorless lenses.

The set includes:

  • multiple 3D-printed parts
  • screws and nuts required to assemble
  • 2x pulleys: one with the T2.5 profile and one with the GT2 profile, 5mm bore fitting on ZWO EAF
  • closed 400mm belt with the T2.5 profile
  • open 500mm GT2 belt with special locks (see this page about the using locks)
  • ~50cm hook-and-pile fastener (also known as “velcro” (R) fastener)

See the page https://minenko.org/mounting-set/ for more details and assembly instructions.

Please note that the version for ASIAIR Plus does not contain the holder for a WiFi extender on top of EAF. The Plus version of ASIAIR has an external antenna, and there is no need for a WiFi extender. Most pictures in the gallery show the use of the Pro version.

Since a while as ask all customers to select the length of the EAF case. There are two versions of EAF on the market with slightly different total length of the casing. The one is 59mm as specified on the ZWO webpage, and the another is 60mm. This kit allows using EAF in two different directions. A tight fit is needed for this, and a "safety gap" of 1mm would not work. 

Please note that a few pictures in the product gallery show additional equipment and components, incl. ASIAIR Pro and EAF, which can be used with this product, are not a part of the product. Please refer to the list above for the parts shipped with the product.

If you have questions, feedback or suggestions for custom changes, please contact us using this form.

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Available on backorder

Plus or Pro
There are two mechanical variations of EAF on the market. Please select which one you have. You need to measure it on your own: ZWO says, there is only one version.